HOW you can train your dog with our buzzers

Step 1

Choose words according to the action you want your dog to be able to communicate. We suggest starting with the core four; walk (toilet), food, water and play. Choose the words you most often say to your dog while performing these actions. After you have chosen, record yourself saying the command by using the switch located on the bottom of the buzzer.

Step 2

Place the buzzers together in a central point in your home, or place them individually in areas your dog may associate with each command. For example, put ‘walk’ beside the front door, ‘food’ beside their food bowl, ‘play’ beside their toys etc. Ensure the button placement is easily visible and accessible to your dog.

Step 3

Use during day-to-day life. When placing their food down or preparing for a walk, hit the corresponding buzzer. Use them along with your voice, to help your dog associate the buzzer with the activity. Repetition is key! Press the buzzer 2-3 times when performing the action and say it to your dog. Have their attention when you press the buzzer. Never force them to push the buzzers.

Step 4

Rewarding your pet. Positive reinforcement is a proven teaching method, so praising and rewarding your dog for using the buzzers will encourage the behaviour. Even if you feel it was not intentional, try to perform it with your dog straight away to enforce association.

Step 5

Patience. It will take time for your dog to understand what you are asking of it. Dogs of all ages are capable of learning to use the buzzers to communicate. With repetition and dedication, you will see impressive results and have a much better understanding of your pets wants and needs.

Step 6

Purchase your DogTalk training buzzers now to start teaching your dog to communicate properly. 

DogTalk in action

Our DogTalk buzzers are very easy to record as well as being dog friendly. See for yourself, Darcy & Name