When recording words on your buttons ensure that no two words sound similar if you are using your own slang for the action as it will make it difficult for your dog to differentiate between those buttons and their actions.


If you dog is struggling to interact with the button try place treats on top of it, this will encourage your dog to get stuck into using its new device. Likewise, you can hold the button in your open palm and ask for a paw to get them comfortable and used to pressing down on their buttons


Always ensure your dog is watching you while you press the button in the early stages of learning, they will model your usage of the button. We like make sure we see the inquisitive head tilt from our dogs when seeing the button is being pressed.


Make sure to not interchange the words you use to describe a button, if you’ve recorded ‘food’, try and not use the word ‘dinner’ or ‘din-dins’ when trying to get your dog to interact with the button. Whichever word you use the most in everyday language, make sure to recorded that one. 


In the beginning stages make sure you exclusively only say the words recorded on the buttons while pressing down on the appropriate button. This is very important in allowing your dog to pick up the words associated with the buttons as fast as possible.


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