Great product, really easy to use our spaniel is currently mid training and these make the adventure a lot more fun. Would recommend for those who want to have some fun training with their pets.

Fantastic dog training product! I have been using the buzzers for around a week now and my dog is already responding well to the training! On initial delivery of the buzzers I was very impressed with the overall build quality, easy functionality and sound quality of the speaker... Can’t wait to continue with the training process!

Before, my mother’s Labrador Henry would rarely be able to communicate effectively to let you know he was ready to go outside to do his “business” but since introducing the buzzers, he now makes it clear when he needs to go out. Thinking of buying these again for my brothers bulldog Marcus for Christmas.

Took a couple of weeks until prince started using the buttons but now the fact we don't have to ask him what he wants is such a game changer! The training is so worth it you won't regret it!